Ways to celebrate your nephew’s birthday

Our niece and nephews are basically us having kids long before actually having them, right? The only difference being that with them, you can act like that cool aunt or uncle they can come running to whenever their parents scold them. Having made so many memories together, naturally, when their birthday comes, you would want to plan it and make it big for them. How? We have put together some ideas that you would love to explore.

#1. Take him out for a brunch

Has your nephew been telling you about that new restaurant right down the street? Well, this is the perfect time to take him there and treat him. Both of you can have a great time together, talking about his school/ college, you work and about what he wants to do in life. Spending the day with his cool aunt/uncle is going to be a great start to his birthday.

#2. Organise a surprise birthday party for him

Who said that not everybody loves surprises? At least everyone loves that their loved ones put in efforts for them. Well, this is the time to show him how much you love him. Plan a surprise birthday party for him either at his place or a restaurant nearby with his best of friends. Ensure that there are no grown-ups, a deadline, and no spoil sports who tell him about the party well in advance. The moment he finds out, the look on his face is going to be just priceless.

#3. Some sweets for the sweet tooth

If your nephew is a fan of chocolates, then, to make him feel special on his birthday, the best idea would be to order in some chocolates and cake on his birthday eve. With all the advancements coming in, it has now become very easy to order chocolates online. You can also order cup cakes online if he really likes them and start the day on a sweet note.

#4. A fun day out

If your nephew is into sports and/or there is some new movie in the theatre that he would love to watch, then, you can plan a fun day out with him doing absolutely what he loves doing. Afterwards, you guys can also go shopping and you can buy him a perfect birthday gift, whatever he wants. He is going to love you for taking him out and making him so happy on his birthday.

#5. Organise a game night

If he is one of those people who loves playing cards or any other board game, then, ensure that you call all his friends over and all of them have a great game night. They can also probably play PS3 and enjoy his birthday the right way. You can also order in some snacks and learn to play with them.

Your nephew is going to have an amazing time on his birthday with you and we bet that you are going to make him feel special. What are you still waiting for? Get going already! Happy birthday to your dear one in advance.