Ways to celebrate your mom’s birthday while she is travelling

Our mothers are the most precious gift bestowed upon us. They take care of us right from the time when we are in their womb till the time we are all grown-up and even after that for as long as she can. Well, doesn’t she deserve some loving back in return? What would be better than surprising her on her birthday which is a person’s most memorable day and making her feel special which she already is. However, not to worry if your mom is out traveling or resides in some other city due to work because we have put together a list of some of the gifts that will make her love you even more.

Some of these include-

#1. Order her a membership service

You can either get her hooked up with all sorts of subscription services such as barkbox, ipsy, etc. or you can also get her a membership of Netflix/Amazon if she absolutely adores watching movies and/or binge-watching. She is going to appreciate the thought and love you for pampering her so much.

#2. A long video chat

This is sort of a given. You must not forget to call her because mother’s day is made once her kids call her and tell her how much they love her. So, call her, tell her how much she means to you and how much you adore her. Also, it would be great if your entire family can do this together so that she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on too much and that you all are with her.

#3. Surprise! Surprise!

There is nothing better than giving your mom the last-minute surprise and suddenly showing up on her birthday when she is not expecting you at all. This would definitely be a great start to her birthday and we are sure that post this, her smile is not going to her face for a pretty long time.

#4. A care package on the go

Who does not like to be pampered? Well, everyone loves it and so does your mom! With the busy schedule right from taking care of the house to taking care of her job, it becomes difficult for her to take good care of herself. In such a scenario, sending her either to a spa or sending her a care package with all the essentials is the best idea. She is going to be so much relaxed!

#5. Cake on the way

This is another very important consideration when you are planning something nice for your mother’s birthday. The party always remains incomplete if there is no birthday cake. Well, to make her feel special, you can either bake her birthday cake for her or get it customized just like an anniversary cake with the picture of the entire family on the top.

#6. Time for some chick flicks

You can put on your all time favourite movies and watch them throughout the night while binging when you go to surprise her. She is going to love spending quality time with you especially on her birthday.

There are a number of ways in which you can celebrate your mom’s birthday and make her feel special. If you liked these methods or if there are some ideas which according to you fit in the theme, do write to us. A very happy birthday to your mom from us!