This guide will help you to match your hairstyle with your dress neckline

When choosing the neckline of your dress, it’s important to get your hairstyle right to accentuate the style of the particular dress. Here’s how to achieve the perfect look.

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Detailed necklines

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An elaborate or detailed neckline is often the centrepiece of an outfit, so it’s vital that you show this part off. In order to do this, don’t let your hair get in the way. With this style of neckline, opt for an updo that keeps hair tied back, allowing your neckline to steal the limelight.

Simple neckline

It’s not always easy knowing what kind of neckline to choose. According to Huffington Post, the goal is to try to balance your body type and play up and accentuate your favourite features. Certainly, a simple neckline, such as one with plain straps, is a good choice for many people. This style of neckline also offers the most versatility when it comes to deciding how to style your hair. You can choose to have it up or down, whatever suits your mood or dress length.

Strapless neckline

If you’re looking for a style of neckline that lets you play around with different hairstyles, a strapless neckline is a great one to choose. With this elegant style of dress, you can wear your hair up, off your face to enhance your shoulders, or you can allow your locks to tumble freely in loose curls.


A V-neck on a dress is very flattering, especially on long, flowing dresses such as a navy maxi dress. Indeed, if you’re looking for a navy maxi dress visit AX Paris, where you will find styles with V-necks. When opting for V-necks, an updo hairstyle is a safe bet to show-off your neckline, or you could plump for a half-up, half-down style.

High neckline

A high neckline covers the base of the neck, and includes styles such as halter necks and turtle necks. If there is one time that you should keep hair off your face, then this is when wearing a high neckline, to ensure complete neck visibility. Alternatively, any hairstyle that sits above the neckline will suffice.

Round and square necklines

If your dress comes with round or square necklines, you can happily get away with wearing your hair in a simple, free-flowing style, perhaps with clips, plaits or twists.