Steps To Learn The Art Of Graffiti

By | June 29, 2017

Courtesy- The Telegraph

Graffiti Art is an unique type of art that could be observed on different walls. Analogous to other types of art this art too requires sheer practice to perfect the art skills. Here are a few steps on learning how to do graffiti art:

  1. Purchase a sketchbook and some basic pencils. This will be the place where the artist will bring their thoughts to paper.
  2. Think of a name that will be used on the artist’s work. Try to make a name that is unique and attracts the attention of people.
  3. Research on the internet and get ideas for designs. This step is only done at home for practice as copying art work does not help the artist make their own place in the market.
  4. Try different styles. Begin with simple bubble letters and then work through to more complex styles.
  5. After practicing for a few weeks, once the hand is on paper, purchase some permanent markers and begin practicing using these markers.
  6. After practicing with permanent markers begin with the basic technique of graffiti which is known as tagging. The objective is to practice and to get the name of the artist out in the world.
  7. Keep experimenting with different styles and different tools like markers and spray paints until people are ready to hire a graffiti artist.

To conclude, graffiti art can be learnt and perfected with hard work and dedication.

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