Rolex Economics and New Model Advertising Strategy

By | September 1, 2017

Rolex has only released for public sale a brand new model watch known as the Milgauss into the public using an MSRP of $6,400. However, you'll have little likelihood of obtaining one from a licensed dealer (AD) for maybe years unless you're among those select few customs that are preferred.

Rolex Economics and New Model Advertising Strategy

The purchase price is a function of demand and supply. The requirement for the new Milgauss using its unique green tinted crystal is large and a number of bits released available by Rolex are substantially lower compared to the demand. If you are in a trouble that where to sell a rolex then there are many options and the best option is you can go through online.

The exact point in time that a new version is introduced for sale is within the sole discretion of Rolex. Rolex can wait till they have 10,000 pieces fabricated and in inventory and then launch the new version in an orderly manner to deal with demand. Instead, Rolex can discharge say 100 pieces net so that the model is extremely rare and need far outstrips supply.

What exactly would be the real world implications of a discharge of adequate supply V. a tiny insufficient supply: into the general public of a new version like the Milgauss?

A plentiful supply of a brand new version of the marketplace means:

(a) All fans, gray dealers, and Joe average get to Purchase one from an AD

(b) That the gray dealers can't ask outrageous prices (such as 1-200% margins over retail) as the provider doesn't allow it to occur. 

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