Indelible Moments in Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak

By | June 23, 2017

It may be more fun to travel on foot from destination A to destination B most especially to non-local and foreign tourists that are more into extreme outdoor activities however, riding on a two wheeled taxi is another and convenient way to travel. Since the province of Cebu has been attracting more and more tourists, alternative source travel are provided since most of the guests are looking in to the convenience of travel. Habal habal is a local term for taxi on two wheels and it has been the primary transportation in the area since it is cheap, accessible and can travel anywhere you want to go.

Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls tour is a faster travel compared to trekking or traversing through it and tourists prefer the more convenient way of travel since they want to cover more time during their stay while they are still in the area. Travel and time are important factors during the tour since it will determine as well the length of their stay. Local tourist guides on the other hand wanted them to experience more of what the place has to offer like the activities that they should not miss out. The day tour is the perfect trip that every guests or tourists should experience even once in their lifetime.

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