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By | August 7, 2017

What Backflow Preventers Are and how They Work

The water supplies system in the home is one of the carriers of potential health risks in the home. The water that is to be used in the home should really be seriously cared for to ensure there are no contaminants in it. Contamination of water may be due to many reasons. These are reasons such as the fact that the source of the water and the systems for its supply in the home are all common. An example of such a scenario is where you will see the water used for household needs like cooking and drinking as well as that for irrigation coming from a common source.

Backflow preventers basically serve to ensure that water flowing back is prevented. Going on with our example of irrigation systems, these may cause your household water supplies seriously exposed to risk of contamination. The sprinkler head may carry some deposits of pesticides that were used for the purpose of gardening. Since the sprinkler head is connected to the home’s water supply system, then if backflow preventers were not installed, then these deposits and other elements of contamination may find their way into the home’s water supply system. This is surely going to expose the entire household to serious health risks. Backflow preventers basically serve to prevent the chances of water flowing back.

The assembly of backflow preventers essentially consists of test valves and shut-off valves. The principle of their operations is also the same in as much as there is a variation in the designing of their operations. In normal circumstances, the valve of the backflow preventer will stay in a relaxed position allowing for normal water flow. Thogh should there be a case of water flowing back, the increase in water flow will trigger the valve of the backflow preventer to flap and there create an obstruction. This obstruction will serve in blocking the contaminated water finding its way back into your water supply system.
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The installation of backflow preventers has gained popularity in many cities given the health considerations. In fact there are some particular cities that have made the installation of backflow preventers a matter of legislation in their city by-laws. Therefore homeowners in such cities and locations are therefore required by law to ensure that the buildings they put up have the installation of backflow preventers provided for. For the purposes of installing a proper backflow preventer as a homeowner you need not stress yourself much with the how because there are several plumbers out there who possess the needful skill and experience to do you an installation of a backflow preventer. Think of hiring a plumber to help you out with the installation, fixing and regular testing of your backflow preventer.5 Uses For Services