This guide will help you to match your hairstyle with your dress neckline

When choosing the neckline of your dress, it’s important to get your hairstyle right to accentuate the style of the particular dress. Here’s how to achieve the perfect look.

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Detailed necklines

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An elaborate or detailed neckline is often the centrepiece of an outfit, so it’s vital that you show this part off. In order to do this, don’t let your hair get in the way. With this style of neckline, opt for an updo that keeps hair tied back, allowing your neckline to steal the limelight.

Simple neckline

It’s not always easy knowing what kind of neckline to choose. According to Huffington Post, the goal is to try to balance your body type and play up and accentuate your favourite features. Certainly, a simple neckline, such as one with plain straps, is a good choice for many people. This style of neckline also offers the … Read More

Ways to celebrate your mom’s birthday while she is travelling

Our mothers are the most precious gift bestowed upon us. They take care of us right from the time when we are in their womb till the time we are all grown-up and even after that for as long as she can. Well, doesn’t she deserve some loving back in return? What would be better than surprising her on her birthday which is a person’s most memorable day and making her feel special which she already is. However, not to worry if your mom is out traveling or resides in some other city due to work because we have put together a list of some of the gifts that will make her love you even more.

Some of these include-

#1. Order her a membership service

You can either get her hooked up with all sorts of subscription services such as barkbox, ipsy, etc. or you can also get her … Read More

Ways to celebrate your nephew’s birthday

Our niece and nephews are basically us having kids long before actually having them, right? The only difference being that with them, you can act like that cool aunt or uncle they can come running to whenever their parents scold them. Having made so many memories together, naturally, when their birthday comes, you would want to plan it and make it big for them. How? We have put together some ideas that you would love to explore.

#1. Take him out for a brunch

Has your nephew been telling you about that new restaurant right down the street? Well, this is the perfect time to take him there and treat him. Both of you can have a great time together, talking about his school/ college, you work and about what he wants to do in life. Spending the day with his cool aunt/uncle is going to be a great start … Read More

Shine Bright with These Diamond Engagement Party Ideas

Holding an engagement party is a must when you are getting married. It’s a great chance to show off your beautiful new ring to all your friends and family! Planning an engagement party doesn’t need to be complicated and is almost as exciting as holding the wedding itself. It’s a great opportunity for drinks, dancing and celebration. Nothing says you’re engaged more than a beautiful diamond engagement ring, so try using the ring as the party’s theme and shine bright like a diamond while sharing your happiness with your loved ones.


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Planning the Party

Now that you’ve decided to use diamond engagement rings as the theme of your engagement party, here are some ideas for you to use for your big event.

Invitations are essential. Decide between a classic diamond ring-shaped invitation with your information in the centre, or use black card with silver embellishments for an … Read More

Standing the test of time

Farah shirts are one brand of gentleman’s clothing that seems to have withstood the test of time. The brand has grown from a small family business to shirts now being sold in a variety of outlets including

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The brand began in the 1920s under the watch if Mansour Farah (who the brand is named after) as a family business originating in Texas. They originally only designed and created shirts, and these were made by Farah’s wife. By the early 1930s the brand was so popular that they started to branch out into other items of clothing including denim items, overalls and workwear. All of the manufacturing remained in the US with all of their sales also coming from the country.

Following on from the death of Mansour in 1937 his son James took over the company and his brother William took charge of managing the production elements … Read More