Canelo as of now dodging Jermall Charlo? Not battling GGG for WBC belt

By | August 29, 2017

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez's choice to not battle for Gennady "GGG" Golovkin's WBC title in their battle on September 16 has more than a couple of boxing fans whispering this is a move by the redheaded Mexican star to abstain from having to possibly battle the capable WBC obligatory challenger Jermall Charlo (26-0, 20 KOs). 

In the event that Canelo beats GGG, he would be the new WBC champion. While that would need to be viewed as a significant privilege for the 27-year-old Canelo, it would likewise imply that he would have a tremendous weight of defending the WBC strap against Charlo. Nonetheless, with Canelo choosing he's not going to battle for the WBC belt, he's mitigated of a weight that could have been a debacle for him. 

Jermall, 6'0", is a ton taller than Canelo, and he would be a do or pass on sort of battle for the Golden Boy star. Regardless of the possibility that he moves beyond GGG, there would no simple checks immediately. The World Boxing Council would anticipate that Canelo will protect against Jermall. 

Canelo abandoned his WBC middleweight title a year ago when he should battle Golovkin. That was seen by boxing fans as a duck work by Canelo. Presently it looks to a few fans like Canelo is set it up to make a duck showing with regards to against Charlo. Canelo must beat Golovkin to be placed in the position to battle Charlo, yet it looks impossible to miss that he's as of now made it clear that he won't battle for the WBC title. 

What are the general population in the game of boxing expected to think? Why didn't Canelo decide to not battle for the IBF title? In the event that Canelo beat Golovkin, he would just need to battle #1 IBF Tureano Johnson. That is apparently significantly simpler battle than confronting Charlo. I have my questions whether Canelo could beat Tureano in the event that he were solid, however it's still not as risky a battle paper as the Charlo battle. 

Probably, Canelo is angry with the World Boxing Council for them making Golovkin his required challenger when he was the WBC middleweight champion in 2015. Canelo beat Miguel Cotto to win the title. The WBC requested transactions to start amongst Canelo and Golovkin for a battle between them a year ago. Canelo was given the possibility by the WBC to protect the middleweight title against welterweight Amir Khan. Canelo at that point emptied his WBC title in the wake of beating Khan. 

It was sufficiently awful that Canelo battled Khan, a contender that is ostensibly on the drawback of his vocation, yet then to clear his WBC title instead of battle GGG. It made Canelo look REALLY awful. Presently with Canelo with the likelihood of winning the WBC middleweight title by and by, he's turning that alternative down. What are boxing fans to think? When they see Canelo make a move this way, it has duck composed on top of it. Battling Charlo quickly in the wake of fighting Golovkin would be Canelo running a gauntlet. 

Mentor Robert Garcia and three division best on the planet Mikey Garcia don't comprehend why Canelo wouldn't like to battle for the WBC title. They both say the WBC belt is the title that Mexican warriors need to battle for. Robert says it searches awful for Canelo that he's not battling for the WBC belt. They won't not understand however that Jermall Charlo is roosted and prepared to pursue the champ of the Canelo versus GGG battle. 

All things considered, Charlo was prepared to battle both of them, however not he's stuck battling Golovkin or no one. In the event that Golovkin loses to Canelo, the WBC middleweight title winds up noticeably empty because of Canelo not consenting to battle for it. This implies Charlo will presumably be given the WBC title outside of the ring. 

"I don't comprehend his choice behind that," said Mikey Garcia to Fighthype in tolling in on Canelo's choice not to battle for the WBC belt against Golovkin. "I don't know why Canelo is so annoyed with the WBC. Be that as it may, I'm content with the WBC giving me these open doors. They gave me the chance to battle for the WBC lightweight title. Presently we battled for the WBC Diamond title. To get the acknowledgment from the WBC is great. The fans love the thought to have the new belt. I don't know why Canelo picked not to, but rather the fans truly acknowledge when you have that belt, particularly Mexican fans," said Mikey. 

I'm in full concurrence with Mikey. I don't comprehend why Canelo isn't willing to battle for the WBC title against Golovkin either. It's not as though the WBC did anything incorrectly. What are endorsing bodies expected to do? Golovkin beat Marcos Antonio Rubio to wind up plainly the between time WBC middleweight champion in October 2014.

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